Posted on: February 11, 2009 6:33 pm

Bye Bye Brett... ...Again...

I am shocked.  Not that Brett Favre retired.  But that it took him less than a month after the Super Bowl to decide.

Being a Steelers' fan in Milwaukee WI has it's perks, one of which is that it allows me to watch the Favre saga from an unbiased viewpoint.  Most everyone here is still mourning the departure of their resident demigod to the Jets from last year.  Still, this is at least the fourth year that he has contemplated retiring.  All four years, I said he should retire.  Not to protect the former records of my hero Dan Marino, but rather because the Green Bay Packers needed to move on and stop living in a three-time MVP's past.  And I was right, save two years ago (and he crumbled against the Giants in the NFC championship), he has been no more than mediocre: he threw 84INT's, good for tops in the league over that span and securing him the dubious record of most interceptions in a career.

But back to my point.  The Jets have saved themselves a headache, but more importantly, the Jets have saved themselves time.  Two years ago, Brett Favre waited so long to come back, that the Packers were handcuffed in free agency.  Last year, well, we all know about what happened last year.

And what happened last year should also make us wary of what just happened.  I hope, as I did last year, that this is for real.  No franchise deserves the circus that Brett broght to Green Bay when he decided to return.  I missed the beginning of the Hall of Fame game so I could see him disembark from his private jet (ironic, no?), only to have him leave for NY a week later.  He needs to walk away; one time through this fiasco is too much. 

Sure, the end of his career hasn't been what he would have hoped: his last pass as a member of the Packers was an interception in OT, ending their Super Bowl bid; his last throw for the Jets was ruled an illegal forward pass, and the one before it was also intercepted, ending their playoff hopes.  It's definitely not the John Elway storybook ending, but rather something more fitting of former Jets great Joe Namath, finishing his career on the Rams' bench.

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