Posted on: July 4, 2009 10:52 pm

R.I.P. Steve McNair

You didn't have to be a Titans fan to love Steve McNair.  Back when my Steelers and the Titans (and even the Oilers) were in the same division, you could never call those games until the clock hit 0:00.  No matter how well the Steelers played, there was #9 out there keeping the Titans in the game, leading his team to victory more often than not.  I cheered for him despite the divisional rivalry--here was a true football player, no one could deny that.  I was heartbroken when the Titans so unceremoniously let him go, and cringed when he went to another division rival.  But through it all, I rooted for the Ravens in the playoffs because Steve deserved a ring.  Sadly it was not to be, but out of it all, I cheered for a player regardless of my personal team loyalties.  He brought that out in many people.

McNair was one of the toughest, most determined quarterbacks ever to grace the NFL.  I know it has been said many times, but there is a reason for it.  He never complained, and if he could play, you damn well better believe he was out there on the field giving it his all.  He brought the Titans to heights the franchise had never seen before, including their only Super Bowl birth (and one yard short of a title).  He brought stability and leadership to the quarterback position that had been lacking it since Dan Pastorini and Warren Moon.

He was always one of my favorite players, and I was devastated when I heard the news.  Steve--I will always remeber you, both for what you meant to the game of football and to me personally; rest in peace...
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