Posted on: January 5, 2010 4:11 pm

The Grass Tripped Me!!

So Bill Bellichick is saying that the conditions of the playing field are to blame for Wes Welker's injury, and honestly I just have to shake my head.  It's a well known fact that I've never been a fan of Bellichick, but even so, I find it hard to imaginine this as anything more than a way to cover his bum about his star receiver blowing out his knee in a meaningless game.

To blame Welker's injury on the field conditions is ridiculous; it was a non-contact injury that could have happened in practice or even drills.  So all you grieving Pats fans need to lighten up on the Texans .  The field may have been bad, but I noticed that 105 other players had no problem with it.  I remember a game a few years ago between the Dolphins and the Steelers on what had to be the worst field conditions ever seen.  How many people suffered a knee injury?? Zero .   There will always be freak injuries; they're just a part of the game.

Bill, own up.

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